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Essex Cockapoos

We are a family-based, hobbyist breeder of Toy American Cockapoos, poodles and pure bred American cocker spaniels.  We pride ourselves on producing very high quality puppies. Our cockapoos are bred for excellence in health and temperament as well as their lower allergenic properties.


We are very proud of our excellent reputation and pride ourselves on the fact that we produce the much sought-after AMERICAN Cockapoo and American Cocker Spaniels. These are quite rare in the UK when compared to the English version.

Our 'girls' are much loved members of our family and their puppies are raised the a loving environment where their health and well being are our utmost priority.


The Cockapoo in Detail

Firstly, it must be said that a Cockapoo is not a pedigree dog. It is a wonderful combination of (American) Cocker Spaniel and (Toy) Poodle. Cockapoos, when bred correctly, tend to have far fewer genetic problems than their parent breeds. This is due to what some call hybrid vigour.  Cockapoos are famous for being loving, affectionate, open, friendly, and eager to please.

Cockapoos have been recognized in America as a very special crossbreed since about 1960; they have been purposely breed since the 1950's.  Cockapoos vary in size and colour - there are no requirements of conformity in either. Both size and colour are determined genetically from the parents, so the resulting Cockapoo puppy will be a cross that resembles both of its parents and their recent heritage.

It is my belief that the true Cockapoo is produced by using an American cocker/poodle combination. In the UK it is becoming common for Cockapoos to be produced using English Cocker Spaniels-these are English Cockapoos which, in my mind are almost a different 'breed'. There are many differences between an American and an English Cocker Spaniel-all of which have an effect on the offspring produce. The most obvious differences being that-


  • English Cockers tend to be larger than  Americans.
  • An American has a shorter snout and more pronounced, forward-facing eyes. Also their heads tend to be more dome-shaped.
  • Americans have a fuller, more lush coat than an English Cocker.

These characteristics, when looking at American Cockapoo breeding lead to smaller dogs with a much shorter snout and a luscious curly coat. I purposely use toy poodles as stud to ensure that I produce small Cockapoos.

Colour will vary according to the parents.

Cockapoos will almost always show strong characteristics of both parents, but they definitely show both parents in a unique way that makes Cockapoos so special.

Cockapoos are noted for their wonderful disposition and great tolerance of indiscretions, with a very forgiving nature. They are great with children, are excellent travelling companions and wonderful family pets.

The indeterminate hair type of the poodle (continuous growth) contributes the low to non-shedding characteristic to the Cockapoo, while the cocker adds some silkiness.  The resulting hair type is often very low allergenic - without an undercoat producing excess dander. Some people with allergies to other dogs find that they can tolerate a Cockapoo with minimum to no discomfort from their usual symptoms. 

It is important that a Cockapoo's ears be kept clean and dry, as like Cocker Spaniels and other long-eared dogs, they can be prone to ear infections. Also, please bare in mind that Cockapoos do require regular grooming.


In conclusion, for people wanting a low-to-no odour and low-to-no shedding, highly intelligent dog that is easy to train and absolutely wonderful for children of all ages, playful and energetic but easy to care for,  and that will be around for a while, the ideal dog is the Cockapoo.

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