Our Girls


A home bred Essex Cockapoo.
our puppies are precious to us, but our quest to produce parti-cockapoos Meant that when Dolly was born I actually wept! Her parents are Penny and Marvin. She is chocolate sable parti coloured and absolutely gorgeous!

Here she is again at 12 weeks old, Dolly seems to get prettier and prettier every day! A lovely chilled out little girl, she is a wonderful addition to our family.

and here she is all grown up.


Another home bred Essex Cockapoo.
Pictured here at 18 days old, Mabel was a HUGE surprise to us. Excited to finally be producing gorgeous parti puppies, we were over joyed when a sable was born! 

Here she is at only 18 days old

Here she is again at 12 weeks old...hasn't she changed?
The fabulous thing about the sable colouring is it seems to be changing all the time.

Mabel really is a true teddy bear. Superb colouring, fantastic coat and fabulous temperament...you could just cuddle her all day!

All grown up now, look how light her coat ended up! 


A chunky bundle of fun, Coco is one of our KC registered American Cocker Spaniel girls. She is a chocolate and tan parti-marked and her beautiful looks totally match her wonderful personality.

Having come all the way from Russia and being bred from some fabulous show lines, we feel privileged to have her! She really is a chilled out, happy little girl that is a pleasure to be around.

Raisin (Princess Rai-Rai)

Coco's sister, Raisin is a stunning chocolate and tan parti-marked KC registered American cocker Spaniel and an official member of Essex Cockapoo royalty!

Our Beautiful Rai-Rai truly deserves her Princess title! Regal and spoilt rotten, with such a gentle nature, she truly is mummy and daddy's Princess.


Our first ever home bred KC registered American Cocker Spaniel, please meet

Princess Poppy of Essex (her offical Kennel Club title...lol).

Daughter of Coco and Bobby, she truly is an Essex Princess! Stuuning in looks and nature too, she's a true gem in our Essex Cockapoo crown.


Polly is the most beautiful poodle I have ever laid eyes on! The deepest red apricot colour and a face that will mealt  your heart. She's a true mummy's girl and I, quite literally, trip over her constantly. She has the calmest, sweetest nature and is a wonderful asset to our family.

Our Boys


the boy of the bunch.

In true American Cockapoo style, Augustus is a real heart-throb! Stunning to look at and an absolute pleasure to be around, he is just so funny! The total clown of the Essex Cockapoo Household!!

in this first picture he is only 4 weeks and the golden shades of his beautiful Sable colouring are starting to come through.

By 15 weeks old, his crazy hairdo was in full flow!

Now fully grown Gus is a real stunner and will be at the heart of our American F2 breeding plan...we feel blessed to have him!


toy poodle

As soon as we saw him, we were smitten. 
A tiny little fella, superb markings and DNA/PRA clear. Marvin is KC registered.
He has a wonderful nature and is most definitely the apple of everyone's eye...he really was a superb addition to the Essex Cockapoos household.


To make our American Cocker family complete....meet Oscar! 

Son of Coco and brother of Poppy, this chocolate monkey is a true bundle of fun! We have to laugh...in true Essex Cockapoo fashion, this little guy knows his place, his sister is definitely in charge!

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